Tourmake has come up with a solution that can meet most of the needs of the users that navigate within a virtual tour. This is the new plugin GPT.Tourmake, an Artificial Intelligence tool capable of communicating with users and offering them a unique and customised navigation experience within virtual tours.

The plugin consists of a chatbot and the current version 3.5 Turbo has the following functionalities:

  • Answer questions using a natural language
  • Support and guide the navigation also with voice commands
  • Translate and interpret input in all the languages of the world
  • Guide the exploration of the tour by providing useful information
  • Recognise and help recognise elements on the tour
  • Make the tour accessible and navigable also in case of disabilities.

All this is possible thanks to a learning model developed to extract all information directly from the virtual tour. It is sufficient to create an interactive virtual tour with all the necessary content (points, areas, shapes, texts, menus, etc.) to instruct the chatbot, which acquires all the features and functionalities that generally constitute a Tourmake and use them to reply to the visitors’ requests.

Not only GPT.Tourmake is able to provide interesting information about the virtual tour you are visiting, but also offers an alternative way to navigate within the tour. You just have to enter simple commands into the chat, such as “go ahead”, “go back” or requests on specific areas or points of the virtual tour, to visit it instantly.

Do not miss this opportunity to be among the first to implement Artificial Intelligence to your virtual tours!

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